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What is a home inspection?

A home inspection is a limited visual inspection of the readily accessible structural, mechanical, and safety components of a house, apartment, townhouse, condo etc. It is a snapshot of conditions observed during the inspection. PAD Inspections will evaluate the function and condition of components such as: heating and cooling systems, roofs, foundations, siding, electric panels, water heater, plumbing materials, decks, joists and other visible structural and mechanical components.  Much more is inspected such as: kitchen appliances, outlet and GFCI function, lights and fans, overhead door safety features, and a host of other safety and functional tests to help ensure that the home is working as expected, and as safe as everyone deserves.

Why should you invest in a home inspection?

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Ensure a Solid Investment

A good investment in a real estate transaction is often considered to be a balance of what was paid vs the location and condition of the property. When a home buyer hires an agent, the agent can help them place an offer based on current market conditions. When a home buyer hires an inspector, they are hiring a professional on their behalf to evaluate the condition of the property. The inspector works ONLY for the client, which is usually the home buyer. The information in the inspector's report allows the buyer and their agent to attempt to negotiate needed repairs, counter with a lower offer, and in rare cases walk away from a bad deal.

Peace of Mind

Buying and selling a home can be quite stressful for a variety of reasons. Regardless if its a new home, historical home, a home in obvious need of repair or especially a newly remodeled home, the inspector will find at least some defects. The peace of mind that accompanies buyers after the inspection exists, whether or not the property needed a lot of work. In fact a home that doesn't need a lot of work usually makes for a more enjoyable closing process for every party involved, which is why it is recommended sellers have their homes pre-inspected. PAD also participates in the Internachi Buyback Guarantee program.

Builder's Warranty Inspection

Most new construction homes come with a fairly comprehensive, one year warranty. PAD Inspectors will inspect your new construction home before the one year warranty is expired. We will provide the professional documentation required for home owners to submit a claim before the warranty expires. Yes, one year is plenty of time for leaks to develop, for settlement issues to develop and for wind and rain damage to have occurred. Don't wait on this, get an inspection done on your new construction home before the warranty expires.

Home Safety

Accidents happen, most are preventable. Brock, the owner, has three kids of his own and takes the safety of every home he inspects personally. The most common safety issues involve crush hazards, shock hazards, or trip/fall hazards. Brock has extensive experience in overhead door systems and safety features, will remove electric panel covers to inspect the wiring (if accessible), and the ability to focus on small details to identify not so obvious safety hazards. PAD Inspections also offers continuous monitor radon testing so clients can breathe easy.