"It is my pledge to any client, on any property, in any neighborhood to put forth 110% of my efforts, capability and passion for the duty of inspecting a property."

Brock Knippling, owner PAD Inspections

A Word from Brock, founder of PAD

Hello to all visitors. If you have gone so far as to visit PAD's website, you likely need a home inspection. Look no further. You will not find a better combination of knowledge, experience, and work ethic as I will provide. My experience began as a teenager working for a large home improvement retailer in Sioux falls, SD.  By the end of my four years there I had received specialized training in windows, doors, lumber applications, and garage door safety. Also gained through experience was knowledge of the thousands of materials and parts that make up a home. Since then I have participated in a variety of remodeling projects including: deck building, framing, window replacement, floor joists and door installation among others. I have been through multiple buying and selling transactions as a homeowner. I am Internachi certified, hold a SD registration, and have performed dozens of fee based inspections for clients as I work towards achieving a full South Dakota License.

 Total inspections performed is a great indication of an inspector's capability. However, a great inspection ultimately comes down to the individual effort put forth by the actual inspector. It is my pledge to any client, on any property, in any neighborhood to put forth 110% of my effort, capabilities and passion for the duty of inspecting a property.

In Order To Fulfill Our Pledge

Every residential inspection PAD performs will include the use of a thermal imaging camera suitable for professional inspections. You will not find a PAD inspector using a clip on style imaging system on their smartphones, and be weary of any inspector who does. These types of thermal cameras are insufficient. We use Flir E5 MSX or better thermal imaging systems, for your reference. PAD Inspections recognizes there are limitations to thermal imaging technology and therefore chooses to use it as a tool on every residential inspection, in a variety of pre-determined and observed locations, rather than charge an additional fee. This is done to increase client's total value and peace of mind.